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Wondering how to check for a water leak? Read further and we may be able to answer some of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the signs to look out for?

If you notice your water bill is much higher than your average usage, or if you have received an untimely notice warning of high water usage, the following steps could be helpful in determining if there is in fact a leak causing high water usage issue on your property.

  • First, turn off all water connections that are currently being used on your property.
  • Find your water meter – it is usually found at the front or surrounding perimeter of your property. You may want to take a photo of the immediate readings.
    1. Use your water bill and compare the current meter reading to your most recent bill to ensure the current read numbers are in progressive order.
    2. In most cases, you should see a circle or triangle above the meter reading.  If the triangle is spinning or the circle has a flashing plus (+) sign, this usually means water is currently in-flow somewhere on your property.
  • Find your water leak through a process of elimination but turning on each connection separately and monitor the water meter reading for usage. 
Q: How to read your meter?

Inspect the far right number or the clock face dial, this is the litre indicator. Now use your timer on the phone and calculate the number of liters that pass through the meter in 5 minutes, with all the taps turned off.

Q: How to check your sprinkler system for a leak?

Shut off the valves within a couple of meters from the meter that operates your sprinkler system – this is usually located in your front yard – then observe your water meter. If the flow indicator has stopped moving, your irrigation system could be the cause of your leak. If the flow indicator is still moving, you may have a leak inside your home.

Q: How to check your toilets for a leak?

Turn off one toilet using the valve found directly behind the toilet and then observe the flow indicator on your water meter. If the flow indicator looks to have stopped this toilet has a leak. If you still see the flow indicator still ticking, that toilet is not the cause of the leak and you will need to check each toilet separately.

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