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As a locally owned and operated company, we are committed to our customers.

Not only does a leak cost you money, it is also a waste of a precious resource

Water leaks can go easily unnoticed and over time can add up in both cost to yourself and general waste of a resource we find precious here in our sun burnt country. Leaks can occur anywhere and at any time and are usually found in inaccessible points on your property and can only be located efficiently by a leak detection expert.

If you notice changes to the foundations of your property such as warped floorboards, cracks and bubbles on your walls or even dampness on your carpet – it is quite possible you have a water leak.

Fraser Young from Fremantle Leak Detection understands the ins and outs, do’s and don’ts with all things relating to water leaks. Fraser is supported by a team with a combined 40 years of industry experience in the plumbing industry and 8 years leak detecting. Our engineers are highly trained in a variety of the latest non-invasive technology and techniques, and we can locate the leak on your property and use our plumbing experience to mitigate damage through proper handling.

Once the location of a leak is detected, we source the best nearby plumber for the fix. We will work alongside your plumber to identify the most effective way to resolve.


We're locals just like you.

Our team are based in Fremantle but can travel throughout the Perth region.

It does not matter where you are in the state of WA, you can call Fraser Young and discuss the possibility of him traveling to you and resolving your water leak problem.

We use state of the art specialised equipment, developed, and imported from overseas to deliver the best measurement and detection accuracy.

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Need fast, accurate, fixed-fee leak detection?

If you require emergency leak detection – please call Fraser Young immediately on 0413 114 882.
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